Tuesday, January 23, 2007

As long as the latte is fair-trade coffee and served in a reusable cup

NPR had a heart-warming story on this weekend:

Latte-sipping, Prius-driving, endive-munching, New York Times-reading snobs really can get along with Hummer-driving, bible-thumping, fire-breathing, snake-handling fundamentalists.

It's beautiful really. Like watching The Fox and The Hound as an 8 year old kid. Until you get to this part:
"If coal-burning utility plants emit nitrous oxides, mercury, which is then transmitted into our rivers and lakes, ingested by fish eaten by pregnant women who then pass it along to their unborn children and babies, then isn't that a sanctity-of life-issue?" Cizik says."
Ahhh! Now I see how to educate the Baptists in my class on earth science issues! I just have to relate it to an unborn child- if global warming threatens a zygote/embryo/fetus then it must be bad! I guess us ex-utero folks are lost causes.

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