Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The South finally accepts integration!

Of course, in this case, the integration of science and religion. Well, really, if they could just get away with religion only, they probably would. Since that's not an option, the state that ranks dead last in about every category related to higher education has decided to mandate the integration of evolution and creationism in public school ciriculum by proposing House Bill 625. It may be the shortest bill I've ever seen and not surprisingly avoids using a lot of big words, so the intentions are pretty clear. It and other bills like it should be the modern coming of the Scopes Monkey Trial, except no one seems to care and it has zero chance of becoming the focus of a movie.

To learn more, check out the National Center for Science Education. From this website I learned that Feb. 12th will be Darwin Day! Fortunately, this falls on the second Monday in February, because I'm already double-booked for the third Monday in February to celebrate George Washington's and Thomas Jefferson's Birthday. It's going to be a busy month!

Thanks to Thermocrhonic for clueing the geo-blogosphere in on this one!

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