Monday, February 19, 2007

My nominee for Sedimentary Geology Patron Saint

Inspired by the creative genius of Apparent Dip (see sidebar), I have chosen my nominee for the patron saint of the world of Sedimentary Geology:

Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr.

Indiana Jones divides his time between teaching at prestigious universities and field work. Jones believes that archaeology [would have been geology if geologic time would fit in the 2-hr cinematographic (?) framework] is the "search for fact - not truth".

I admit wanting to be both Indiana Jones and McGyver as a kid (and also Murdoch from the A-team and Kitt from Knight Rider... that's right, I wanted to be a car... but Kitt was a talking car! Even back then David Hasselhoff was too cheesy for an 9 year old kid to idolize), hence my tendency to hang with the "cool kids" in thermochronology/geochronology whenever I can.

But at the end of the day, sedimentary geologists usually end up sweaty, dusty, unshaven, and some times bleeding- just like Indy. And that's just after teaching class!

It's too bad these guys never got to collaborate. I can see McGyver improvising a anti-snake smoke-screen from a box of tic-tacs, a key-ring, and a road flare, while Indy bull-whips the crap out of some bald German guy. I guarantee any article by Jones and McGyver or McGyver and Jones would be the most downloaded ever! Maybe that day is coming?


Thermochronic said...

Bold move, taking Indiana Jones from the archaeologists. It's not a bad fit though, Indiana Jones is based on Roy Chapman Andrews, who was the first guy to find dinosaur eggs (I know this only because Andrews went to my college back in the day). Does this mean you get his theme song also! That would rule.

Thermochronic said...

Oh, and the whip!




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