Thursday, September 6, 2007

Gearing up for International Year of Planet Earth with a message from the National Association of Geoscience Teachers

Earthlearningidea - help the idea to travel

Earthlearningidea will publish a new idea for teaching Earth science
every week during 2008 - the International Year of Planet Earth. The
ideas are specifically designed for classrooms with minimal resources -
anywhere on Earth, while encouraging interactive teaching and the
development of thinking and investigational skills in pupils. The ideas
are aimed primarily at pre-service teacher trainers, as they will reach
the widest teacher audience, but interested teachers are also welcome to
subscribe. Each Earthlearningidea will be accompanied by a blog, to
encourage the development of a global discussion network of those
interested in Earth science education. The Earthlearningideas will
appear one per month during September - December and one per week
thereafter and are being produced by voluntary effort with no funding.

Please play your part by:

* sending to the contact details of teacher
educators of science, geography or Earth science (*Country *Name *Email
address *Institution name) across the globe, so that we can alert them
to Earthlearningidea; please send details of interested teachers too;

* clicking on the website to check out
the sample activity (Quake shake) and subscribing to the blog so you can
contribute to the discussions;