Tuesday, December 18, 2007

PG or not PG, that is a question...

Finals are over and I have one pesky grade to deal with. But before the hype of the holidaze takes over completely, I wanted to post a column of which I recently became aware. Apparently, having an opinion on operations with environmental ramifications requires professional licensure, or at least according to the Great State of Florida, who sued a woman with a Ph.D. in hydroecology because of her arguments at a public hearing against sand mining.

Of course, you could take the grounds for Florida's suit and limit anyone from publicly expressing their opinion on any subject in which they are not a professional. By that rationale, since my PhD is not in international relations, I should not be "permitted" to express my opinion on the Iraq War in public. On the same token, pretty much everyone at FoxNews would have to "shut up" about almost everything except plastic surgeons and conservative ideology..... maybe I could live with this.....

Anyway, this also gave me pause because as a PhD I am not a P.G.- Professional Geologist. Its a licensure required for geologists working in a variety of fields just as hair dressers, medical doctors, therapists, notary publics, etc., have to have their certification bestowed in order to do what they've been trained to do legally. I've never thought about the ramifications of this and would be curious to know if anyone has (i) thought about it and (ii) had any ramifications from it. It seems as if it wouldn't be an issue if you have a degree to back you up as legit, but this column suggests that really a PhD doesn't necessarily guarantee diddly.

BTW, it comes to no surprise to this Stranger that sand is in demand, so if you're in need of giving your investment portfolio a boost, don't get rid of the kids' sand box quite yet! Personally, I'm heavy into feldspathic litharenite these days. It's been undervalued for a long time in my opinion :O)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Post for the future

Came across this article about Young Earth/Creationist Geologists and it inspired me to blog about model-driven science (as opposed to hypothesis-driven science) but it will have to wait because I should be off to bed so I'll be rested for my last day of teaching for 2007 --- HOOORAY! Plenty'o time for the blogosphere later, just after I finish that list of stuff I didn't finish over summer break.

P.S. it is definitely time for bed as the TV has become a Jerry Springer episode entitled "Kung-fu Hillbilly".... good thing it is on mute...